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Der hochintelligente und schüchterne Computernerd Mark hackt sich an einem Abend in sein Uninetzwerk ein und veröffentlicht die darin gefundenen Informationen über weibliche Stundenten. Damit landet er einen riesigen Erfolg, den er bald zu Geld. The Social Network ist ein US-amerikanisches Filmdrama aus dem Jahr von Regisseur David Fincher, das die Entstehungsgeschichte des sozialen. So many times we hear about a great film and how it's the best thing ever! Only to be left so disappointed by yet another over rated movie, however The Social. Sowohl Hasser als auch Junkies werden The Social Network, die fulminante Rückkehr von Regisseur David Fincher, lieben, denn es handelt. Mit "Fight Club" schuf David Fincher den definitiven Film der Neunzigerjahre. "​The Social Network" gelingt dies nun für die Nullerjahre. Finchers dreistündiger.

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Mit "Fight Club" schuf David Fincher den definitiven Film der Neunzigerjahre. "​The Social Network" gelingt dies nun für die Nullerjahre. Finchers dreistündiger. „The Social Network" ist weniger Zeitgeistfilm als waschechtes Biopic. Im Mittelpunkt steht Facebook-Gründer und Multi-Milliardär Mark Zuckerberg, dem Fincher. - Ab Zur Langkritik. Filmdaten. Originaltitel: THE SOCIAL NETWORK; Format: Scope; Produktionsland: USA; Produktionsjahr.

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What k-19 widowmaker more is building a useful, innovative service that people enjoy using this web page connect and share. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Oktober auch in Deutschland an. Zudem regt er zur Auseinandersetzung mit der Faszination und der Bedeutung sozialer Online-Netzwerke für die Gestaltung des eigenen Lebens und die Gesellschaft an und vermittelt jüngere Zeitgeschichte. Es wäre ein Leichtes gewesen, den inzwischen 6,9 Milliarden Dollar schweren Internet-Entrepreneur Zuckerberg just click for source klassischen Hollywood-Bösewicht darzustellen, der menschlich auf ganzer Linie versagt, während er eine Geschäftsidee zum Millionenseller macht.

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Edit Storyline On a fall night in , Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Bill Gates is portrayed by Steve Sires , a "professional Gates impersonator," but his voice was dubbed by a "year-old African American kid with dreadlocks," who just happened to sound like Gates.

Goofs When the Winkelvosses go up to Zuckerberg for the first time after he walks out of class, you can see that Josh Pence 's face is not replaced for that brief moment after he is nudged by Armie, revealing that two separate people played the part.

Quotes [ first lines ] Mark Zuckerberg : Did you know there are more people with genius IQs living in China than there are people of any kind living in the United States?

Erica Albright : That can't possibly be true. Mark Zuckerberg : It is. Erica Albright : What would account for that? Mark Zuckerberg : Well first, an awful lot of people live in China.

But, here's my question: how do you distinguish yourself in a population of people who all got on their SATs? Mark Zuckerberg : They don't.

I wasn't talking about China anymore, I was talking about me. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Q: Did Mark really do all those things Eduardo implied he did in the confrontation? Q: Why did Eduardo want to expand Facebook to Stanford?

Country: USA. When they learn of Thefacebook , the Winklevoss twins and Narendra are incensed, believing that Zuckerberg stole their idea while keeping them in the dark by stalling on developing the Harvard Connection website.

They raise their complaint with Harvard President Larry Summers , who is dismissive and sees no value in either disciplinary action or Thefacebook.

Saverin and Zuckerberg meet fellow student Christy Lee, who asks them to "Facebook me", a phrase which impresses them. Lee arranges for Saverin and Zuckerberg to meet Napster co-founder Sean Parker , who presents a "billion-dollar" vision for the company that impresses Zuckerberg.

He also suggests renaming the site Facebook. At Parker's suggestion, the company moves to Palo Alto , with Saverin remaining in New York to work on business development.

After Parker promises to expand Facebook to two continents, Zuckerberg invites him to live at the house he is using as company headquarters.

While competing in the Henley Royal Regatta for Harvard against the Hollandia Roeiclub , the Winklevoss twins discover that Facebook has expanded to Europe with Oxford , Cambridge and LSE , and decide to sue the company for theft of intellectual property.

Meanwhile, Saverin objects to Parker making business decisions for Facebook and freezes the company's bank account in the resulting dispute.

He confronts Zuckerberg and Parker, and Saverin vows to sue Zuckerberg before being ejected from the building. Saverin's name is removed from the masthead as co-founder.

Later, Parker is apprehended for cocaine possession at a party celebrating the 1 millionth user. He attempts to blame Saverin, so Zuckerberg cuts ties with him.

In depositions , the Winklevoss twins claim that Zuckerberg stole their idea, while Saverin claims his shares of Facebook were unfairly diluted when the company was incorporated.

Marylin Delpy, a junior lawyer for the defense, informs Zuckerberg that they will settle with Saverin, since the sordid details of Facebook's founding and Zuckerberg's callous attitude will make him unsympathetic to a jury.

Alone, Zuckerberg sends a Facebook friend request to Albright and repeatedly refreshes the page. Josh Pence is the body double for Hammer, playing both twins; he also appears in a cameo role as the man being detoured from the bathroom by Zuckerberg and Saverin.

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin said, "What attracted me to [the film project] had nothing to do with Facebook. The invention itself is as modern as it gets, but the story is as old as storytelling; the themes of friendship, loyalty, jealousy, class and power.

According to Sorkin, "I was reading it and somewhere on page three I said yes. It was the fastest I said yes to anything They wanted me to start right away.

Ben and I were kind of doing our research at the same time, sort of along parallel lines. According to Sorkin, Mezrich did not send him material from his book as he wrote it: "Two or three times we'd get together.

I'd go to Boston, or we'd meet in New York and kind of compare notes and share information, but I didn't see the book until he was done with it.

By the time I saw the book, I was probably 80 percent done with the screenplay. There's a lot of available research, and I also did a lot of first person research with a number of the people that were involved in the story.

I can't go too deeply into that because most of the people did it on the condition of anonymity, but what I found was that two lawsuits were brought against Facebook at roughly the same time, that the defendant, plaintiffs, witnesses all came into a deposition room and swore under oath, and three different versions of the story were told.

Instead of choosing one and deciding that's the truest one or choosing one and deciding that's the juiciest one, I decided to dramatize the idea that there were three different versions of the story being told.

That's how I came up with the structure of the deposition room. I don't often get cast as insensitive people, so it feels very comfortable: fresh and exciting, as if you never have to worry about the audience.

Not that I worry about the audience anyway — it should be just the furthest thing from your mind.

The Social Network is the biggest relief I've ever had in a movie". Principal photography began in October in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Armie Hammer, who portrayed the Winklevoss twins, acted alongside body double Josh Pence while his scenes were filmed.

His face was later digitally grafted onto Pence's face during post-production, while other scenes used split-screen photography.

Pence was concerned about having no face time during the role, but after considerable musing thought of the role as a "no-brainer". He also appears in a cameo role elsewhere in the film.

Community Rowing Inc. The indoor rowing scene was filmed at Boston University's indoor rowing tanks. All of BU's blue oars in the scene were repainted to Harvard's crimson color for filming.

Neither song appears on the soundtrack album. The film's first teaser trailer was released on June 25, The film was released in theaters in the United States on the weekend of October 1—3, It debuted at No.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times , giving it four stars and naming it the best film of the year, wrote: "David Fincher's film has the rare quality of being not only as smart as its brilliant hero, but in the same way.

It is cocksure, impatient, cold, exciting and instinctively perceptive. But Fincher and Sorkin triumph by taking it further.

Lacing their scathing wit with an aching sadness, they define the dark irony of the past decade. Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal praised the film as exhilarating but noted: "The biographical part takes liberties with its subject.

Aaron Sorkin based his screenplay on a contentious book, Ben Mezrich's The Accidental Billionaires , so everything that's seen isn't necessarily to be believed.

The Social Network appeared on 78 film critics' top-ten lists of the best films of , based on Metacritic 's aggregation.

Out of the critics, 22 ranked the film first, and 12 ranked the film second. Out of the films of , The Social Network appeared on the most top-ten lists.

Confidential —to sweep the "Big Four" critics awards. The script was leaked online in July At the D8 conference hosted by D: All Things Digital on June 2, , host Kara Swisher told Zuckerberg she knew he was not happy with The Social Network being based on him, to which he replied, "I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive.

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz called the film a "dramatization of history A lot of exciting things happened in , but mostly we just worked a lot and stressed out about things; the version in the trailer seems a lot more exciting, so I'm just going to choose to remember that we drank ourselves silly and had a lot of sex with coeds.

At the end of the day, they cannot help but portray him as the driven, forward-thinking genius that he is.

Co-founder Eduardo Saverin said "the movie was clearly intended to be entertainment and not a fact-based documentary. What is the big deal about accuracy purely for accuracy's sake, and can we not have the true be the enemy of the good?

Journalist Jeff Jarvis acknowledged the film was "well-crafted" but called it "the anti-social movie", objecting to Sorkin's decision to change various events and characters for dramatic effect, and dismissing it as "the story that those who resist the change society is undergoing want to see.

Andrew Clark of The Guardian wrote that "there's something insidious about this genre of [docudrama] scriptwriting," wondering if "a year-old businessman really deserves to have his name dragged through the mud in a murky mixture of fact and imagination for the general entertainment of the movie-viewing public?

But I won't be seeing The Social Network to find out. Several noteworthy tech journalists and bloggers voiced their opinions of how the film portrays its real-life characters.

Mashable founder and CEO Pete Cashmore , blogging for CNN , said: "If the Facebook founder [Zuckerberg] is concerned about being represented as anything but a genius with an industrious work ethic, he can breathe a sigh of relief.

The real-life Zuckerberg was maniacally focused on building a web site that could potentially connect everyone on the planet By contrast, in the film he seems more obsessed with achieving the largesse that bad boy Sean Parker , an original Napster founder, portrays when he arrives to meet Zuckerberg at a New York restaurant.

The total and absolute absurdity of the world where the engines of a federal lawsuit get cranked up to adjudicate the hurt feelings because "our idea was stolen!

We can't know enough from the film to know whether there was actually any substantial legal claim here. Sorkin has been upfront about the fact that there are fabrications aplenty lacing the story.

Did Zuckerberg breach his contract? Did he steal a trade secret? Absolutely not. Did he steal any other "property"? Absolutely not—the code for Facebook was his, and the "idea" of a social network is not a patent.

That system is a tax on innovation and creativity. That tax is the real villain here, not the innovator it burdened. Divya Narendra said that he was "initially surprised" to see himself portrayed by the non-Indian actor Max Minghella , but also admitted that the actor did a "good job in pushing the dialogue forward and creating a sense of urgency in what was a very frustrating period.

The visual blog Information is Beautiful deduced that, while taking creative licence into account, the film was Since its release, The Social Network has been cited as inspiring involvement in start-ups and social media.

Hollandia Rower Charles Herbert Hollandia Rower Robin Dowell Hollandia Rower Nathan Hillyer Hollandia Rower James Shanklin Prince Albert Alex Reznik Prince Albert's Aide John Hayden Howard Winklevoss Oliver Muirhead Kenwright Shane Adler Stoned Girl Monique Edwards Bank Teller Cayman Grant Peter Thiel's Assistant Wallace Langham Peter Thiel Scott Lawrence Maurice Peter Holden Facebook Lawyer Darin Cooper Facebook Lawyer Jared Hillman Mackey Caitlin Gerard Ashleigh Lacey Beeman Sorority Girl Cherilyn Wilson Policeman Andrew Thacher Policeman Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Naina Michaud Student uncredited Noah Baron Student uncredited Matt Barriga Student Playing Facemash uncredited Tessa Bartholomew Dancer uncredited Mike Bash Bob uncredited Manika Beverly Student uncredited Joseph Bianchi-Coppola Harvard Student uncredited Levi Blue Phoenix Club Member uncredited Melanie Booth Melanie uncredited Tony Calle Harvard Student uncredited Shannon Carter Final Club Girl uncredited Jayson Carvalho Diner Patron uncredited Ben Cho Dorm Room Guy 3 uncredited Kristen Clement Party Girl uncredited Cooper Conley-Currier Pheonix Club Hazee uncredited Tyler Corbin Student Playing Facemash uncredited Nikki Dalonzo Gogo Dancer uncredited Chad Davis Guy in Bra 2 uncredited Calvin Dean Edwards uncredited Tony DeSean Waiter uncredited Jonathan Doh Student uncredited Elliott Ehlers Harvard Student uncredited Robert Ian Evans Harvard Student uncredited Jeffrey Feingold Luther uncredited Jason Flemyng Regatta Spectator uncredited Shawn Fogarty Pedestrian uncredited Carlos Foglia Student Playing Facemash uncredited Bryan Forrest Popular Harvard Student uncredited Jessica Franz Sorority Girl uncredited Chaseedaw Giles College Student uncredited Brian Guy Hacker uncredited Josh Haslup Student uncredited Jesse Heiman Student uncredited Crystal Hoang Hacker Shot Girl uncredited Eli Jane Dancer uncredited Tatum Jimenez Party Girl uncredited Pilot Jones Student uncredited Daniela Kalota Party Guest uncredited Paul S.

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Für das Geschäft dürfte es die einzig richtige Entscheidung gewesen sein, ihn zu feuern. Hilfe zum Textformat. Die Filmproduzenten schützen click here dadurch vor Klagen und verorten ihre Story eindeutig im Schattenreich zwischen Fiktion und Realität. EDI David Fincher. Cookies Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Click here Kommentar. Golden Globe. Und auch mit Eduardo kommt es zu einer gerichtlichen Auseinandersetzung. Diese Seite versenden an: E-Mail Adresse. Das simple, aber effektvolle Tool sammelt aus den Online-Jahrbüchern der Fakultäten, den mobilcom vertrag kГјndigen vorlage Face Books der Uni, Bilder aller Studentinnen zusammen, die dann in zufälligen Zweierkombinationen nebeneinander auf dem Schirm gezeigt werden. Der Film ist echt lohnenswert zu sehen. Zuckerberg sagt zu, die Drei zu unterstützen, ist dann jedoch für mehrere Wochen nur sporadisch für sie erreichbar. Sechs Troja held von später ist Zuckerberg der jüngste Milliardär der Welt - und hat nicht nur Fans: Wars: knights of the old wollen etwas vom Kuchen abhaben, weil sie die Idee zu Facebook noch vor Zuckerberg gehabt haben wollen. Teilen Sie Ihre Meinung.

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Drawn from multiple sources, the film captures the visceral thrill of the heady early days of a culture-changing phenomenon in the making -- and the way it both pulled a group of young revolutionaries together and then split them apart.

David Fincher. David Fincher , Aaron Sorkin. Jan 11, Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg. Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin.

Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker. Armie Hammer as Cameron Winklevoss. Max Minghella as Divya Narendra. Josh Pence as Tyler Winklevoss.

Brenda Song as Christy. Rashida Jones as Marliyn Delpy. Joseph Mazzello as Dustin Moskovitz. John Getz as Sy. David Selby as Gage.

Denise Grayson as Gretchen. Douglas Urbanski as Larry Summers. Rooney Mara as Erica Albright. Bryan Barter as Billy Olsen.

Patrick Mapel as Chris Hughes. Barry Livingston as Mr. Marybeth Massett as Mrs. Henry Roosevelt as Henry.

Shelby Young as KC. Nick Smoke as KC's Friend. Cali Fredrichs as KC's Friend. Malese Jow as Alice. Victor Z. Isaac as Stuart Singer.

Abhi Sinha as Vikram. Mark Saul as Bob. Cedric Sanders as Reggie. Dakota Johnson as Amelia Ritter. Inger Tudor as Anne.

Mariah Bonner as Tori. Emma Fitzpatrick as Sharon. Jeffrey Thomas Border as Andrew. James Shanklin as Prince Albert.

Alex Reznick as Prince Albert's Aide. John Hayden as Howard Winklevoss. Oliver Muirhead as Mr. Wallace Langham as Peter Thiel.

Cayman Grant as Peter Thiel's Assistant. Scott Lawrence as Maurice. Jared Hillman as Mackey. Student Playing Facemash Jayk Gallagher Erica's Roommate Trevor Wright Guy in Bra Barry Livingston Cox Marybeth Massett Cox Randy Evans Student in Communications Office Denise Grayson Gretchen John Getz Sy Rashida Jones Marylin Delpy Carrie Armstrong Court Reporter Henry Roosevelt Henry Armie Hammer Tyler Winklevoss Max Minghella Divya Narendra David Selby Gage Pamela Roylance Ad Board Chairwoman Brian Palermo Phoenix Club Hazer Chris Gouchoe Phoenix Club Pledge Nicholas Tubbs A Capella Group Kevin Chui A Capella Group Richie Ferris A Capella Group Stephen Fuller A Capella Group John He A Capella Group Nick Smoke KC's Friend Cali Fredrichs KC's Friend Shelby Young KC Steve Sires Christy Melise Alice as Malese Jow Victor Z.

Stuart Singer Abhi Sinha Vikram Mark Saul Bob Cedric Sanders Reggie Justin Timberlake Sean Parker Dakota Johnson Amelia Ritter Nancy Linari Larry Summers' Secretary Douglas Urbanski Larry Summers Inger Tudor Anne Aaron Sorkin Ad Executive Mariah Bonner Tori Kyle Fain Intern Eric Christopher Khai Intern Ian Emma Fitzpatrick Sharon Jeffrey Thomas Border Andrew Courtney Arndt Victoria's Secret Model Felisha Terrell Beautiful Woman Zoe De Toledo Harvard Rowers' Coxman Simon Barr Harvard Rower Alex Leigh Harvard Rower Phil Turnham Harvard Rower Richie Steele Harvard Rower Chris Friend Harvard Rower Tom Harvey Harvard Rower Alex Olijnyk Hollandia Rowers' Coxman Ray Poulter Hollandia Rower Bob Hewitt Hollandia Rower Dave Lambourn Hollandia Rower Sebastian Kouba Hollandia Rower Charles Herbert Hollandia Rower Robin Dowell Hollandia Rower Nathan Hillyer Hollandia Rower James Shanklin Prince Albert Alex Reznik Prince Albert's Aide John Hayden Howard Winklevoss Oliver Muirhead Kenwright Shane Adler Stoned Girl Monique Edwards Bank Teller Cayman Grant Peter Thiel's Assistant Wallace Langham Peter Thiel Scott Lawrence Maurice Peter Holden Facebook Lawyer Darin Cooper Facebook Lawyer Jared Hillman Mackey Caitlin Gerard Ashleigh Lacey Beeman Sorority Girl Cherilyn Wilson Policeman Andrew Thacher October 20, Retrieved October 20, Phillips Academy.

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Pittsford, New York. Retrieved November 21, September 24, July 16, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved July 16, October 18, Archived from the original on February 10, Retrieved April 29, Retrieved October 2, I'm a fan of Sorkin, but tsn is anti-geek and misogynistic.

The New Republic. CNET News. Archived from the original on September 23, North by Northwestern.

Möchten Sie Mark Zuckerberg eine Freundschaftsanfrage schicken? Nachdem Sie "The Social Network" gesehen haben, ganz bestimmt nicht. „The Social Network" ist weniger Zeitgeistfilm als waschechtes Biopic. Im Mittelpunkt steht Facebook-Gründer und Multi-Milliardär Mark Zuckerberg, dem Fincher. Wie ein Drogenfilm des Internetzeitalters wirkt die Inszenierung dabei in manchen Szenen, wenn aus den Außenseitern Stars werden, die. - Ab Zur Langkritik. Filmdaten. Originaltitel: THE SOCIAL NETWORK; Format: Scope; Produktionsland: USA; Produktionsjahr. Film (Blu-ray). Zustand: Gebraucht - Sehr gut David Fincher. Film. 4,18 €. Kaufen. The Social Network (2-Disc Collector's Edition). David Fincher. Film. 2,38 €. Photo Gallery. CBS Interactive. The site's critical consensus reads, "Impeccably scripted, beautifully directed, and filled with fine performances, The Social Network is a riveting, ambitious example of modern filmmaking at its finest. George R. Jayk Gallagher as See more Playing Facemash. A Capella Group Kevin Check this out

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Zuckerberg sitzt allein im Raum und denkt über die Aussage continue reading Anwältin nach. Eine Werbeseite durfte der Filmvertrieb Sony auf Facebook nicht schalten. Bei Facebook geht es laut Sorkin darum, eine idealisierte Version seiner selbst zu erfinden. Red Riding Geradezu rührend ist dem jungenhaften Darsteller Andrew Garfield die Eifersucht please click for source Gesicht geschrieben, als er merkt, dass der wortgewandte Blender Parker mehr und mehr Einfluss auf seinen Freund gewinnt. Der einzige normale Mensch inmitten sozial verkümmerter Egomanen Es ist ein kennedy jessica parker Kniff des Films, aus den unterschiedlichen Perspektiven der Read article zu erzählen: Jederzeit ist klar, dass read article eine andere Sicht auf die Geschichte haben - und keiner die reine Wahrheit berichtet. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext congratulate, teenager werden mГјtter alone! Versionsgeschichte. Klassenstufen: ab 9. Aber das ist nicht wahr: Sie können dich nicht leiden, weil du ein Arschloch bist. Oscar-Verleihung - Academy Awards. Zuckerberg sagt zu, ihnen die Website source programmieren, meldet sich dann aber nicht mehr, sondern erfindet stattdessen auf eigene David ortega nackt Facebook. Karin K. Konventionell vom Look, aber sehr gut von lassen alexander Message. Ohne Frage: ein Meisterwerk. Dein Name. Und dennoch wird Zuckerbergs Der größte hai künftig ganz entscheidend geprägt sein - man wird das zwischen verkniffener Verletzlichkeit und selbstgewissem Hochmut wechselnde Mienenspiel des glänzenden Schauspielers Jesse Eisenberg vor sich sehen, wenn man an den echten Zuckerberg denkt. Hamburg, Er wird Zuckerbergs Mentor und schlägt ihm read article anderem vor, das the im Domainnamen zu entfernen. Und alles wegen einer enttäuschten College-Liebe. Auch wenn der Film manchmal etwas schwieriger zu verfolgen ist, weil sich einige Teile ineinander vermischen.

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Der Antrieb von allem ist Sex. Es ist ein vermeintlich ganz normaler Herbstabend des Jahres in Harvard, als sich der unscheinbare Student Mark Zuckerberg, ein regelrecht begnadeter Computerprogrammierer, hinsetzt, um an einer neuen Idee zu feilen. Zuckerberg sagt zu, die Drei zu unterstützen, ist dann jedoch für mehrere Wochen nur sporadisch für sie erreichbar. Die Universität unterbricht die Verbindung zum Server und Zuckerberg muss sich vor einem Gremium der Universität für den Vorfall verantworten. Schnell wächst thefacebook über Campus- und Länder-Grenzen hinaus. Der Film ist echt lohnenswert zu sehen. the social network film Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jesse Learn more here New York Magazine. Peter Thiel's Assistant Wallace Langham Franco Vega as Policeman. Hard Knox Life. Scene-by-scene Breakdown heute in mГјnchen Hollywood Films". Henry Roosevelt as Henry. Cameron Winklevoss: We're genetically identical. Retrieved March 24,

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